Season 3, Song 2
Singer(s): Alejandro, Amy, Anne Maria, Bridgette, and Geoff
Episode: African Safari
Song guide
"Commando Zoey"
"Big Ben of a Friendship"

Africomeback is the second song featured in Total Drama Around the World.

Lyrics Edit

Bridgette - Geoff, bring back someone who isn't a threat, and maybe we can pull them into an alliance.
Anne Maria - NO..NOOOOOO. NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Just when Heaven shines on me and blesses me with getting Red and Pencil God out, Chris always has to screw thing up. I.....My makeup is sweating. I am panicking!
Geoff- I party on, with everyone else. Except for Alejandro cause he smells. Someone is about to return. Hopefully someone happy and not stern!
Alejandro - Real Mature.
Amy - I will welcome them! A new friend I do not want to make anymore enemies.... But no one sees the good side of me....

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first song sung during the merge.

See alsoEdit

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